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Annie Playne's Scrapbook

Drawing 20 – Mask of Pan


Pan Scrapbook


Dimensions: 205 x 129 mm

Initials: LEP 1880

Artist: Unknown

Published in TBAG

Comments: The "Mask of Pan" image in Annie Playne's scrapbook is not coloured, though the eventual TBAG article shows the tesserae coloured in. This was the only drawing by LEP, perhaps explaining why it was never coloured.

Although the neat lettering of the title would lead one to believe this is a mechanically printed image, it is clearly not. Inspection at 15X with a stereo microscope plainly reveals how the pressure of a pen pressed into the paper – the lettering was very neatly done by hand. The image in TBAG has many differences from the hand-drawn original.




Illustration from TBAG article


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