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1235.01 White Gold


1235 - 01    Abstract Type    58-45 B.C.    C
White Gold, AR, or Billon Stater    4.9-5.8 gms.    19 mm

Earliest Record: Evans, 1864

OBV: Abstract head of Apollo right
Identifying points:
     1) wreath: leaves up

REV: Disjointed horse left
Identifying points:
     1) pellet below horse
     2) tiny elliptical pellet above horse
     3) tail has three strands and points upwards
     4) coffee bean above tail


NOTES: Some in museums.
                The type starts as a white gold coin, but immediately degrades to                      silver, then billon.
                White gold coins, and those of good silver are uncommon, most extant                      pieces are billon. Imagery similar to the Westerham Type of the                      Atrebates/Regni.
                Modern forgery exists—see 1235 - 0lF.



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