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Plate 210     Modern Forgeries    <info>

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Cantii    <info>

All of the coins on this plate are Haslemere Forgeries, the most obvious error is the appearance of "steps" on the curves of the image.

Step graphic


Uninscribed Coinage – Late Weald Type



150 - 01 - F1    Cantii    Late Weald Type
Gold Stater    5.61 gms    17 mm

Earliest Record: Mack 1973

Authentication: Condemned by Van Arsdell as part of the Haslemere                                Investigations August 1986

Publications: Van Arsdell 1984c, 1985a, 1986c

Notes: Disposition unknown

Detection Points: Haslemere steps
                                  Incorrect die-cutting
                                  Sold in 1973 with fraudulent findspot









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