Celtic Coinage of Britain

third edition

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Celtic Coinage of Britain



Celtic Coinage of Britain Catalogue


Celtic Coinage of Britain 1989 book cover

A catalogue of the earliest coins of Britain. First published in 1989, it has now been revised and updated with a new, Third Edition in 2017.

A description of known types, with background information is included in this electronic version. Photographs of each type are given with dating, identifying points, tribal origin, weight, size and rarity. The third edition includes a complete revision of the contents and features the most up-to-date rarity ratings.

The third edition continues the tradition of combatting modern forgeries. Thus, modern fakes are carefully identified in separate plates and are discussed in detail.

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Numismatic Articles


A collection of articles about Ancient British coins by R. D. Van Arsdell. The articles cover a wide range of topics – from the semiotics of the imagery to tutorials on counterfeit detection. New articles will appear from time to time, as they become available.

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British Insular type stater – the earliest coin struck in Britain

V200 - 02

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