Celtic Coinage of Britain

third edition

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V102-01 V104-01 V108-01 V117-01 V117-03 V133-01 V135-01 V139-01 V154-03 V166-01 V167-01 V173-01 V180-01 V187-01 V320-01 V1290-01 V1322-01 V1329-01 V1336-01 V1349-01 V1363-01 V1402-01 V1418-01 V1428-01 V1430-01 V1436-01 V1440-01 V1615-01 V1629-01 V1646-01 V1665-01 V1667-01 V1669-01 V1705-01 V1707-03 V1709-01 V1713-01 V1715-01 V1717-01 V1750-01









Trinovantian/Catuvellaunian Bronze Unit

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Bronze coins V1 to V1799


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